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Article I


Section 1. Requirements for Membership.

Any person, firm, association, corporation, or body politic, or subdivision thereof, will become a member of Slope Electric Cooperative, Inc., (hereinafter called the cooperative) upon receipt of electric service from the cooperative, provided that he/she or it has first:

  1. Made a written application for membership therein;
  2. Agreed to purchase from the cooperative, electric energy, as hereinafter specified;
  3. Agreed to comply with, and be bound by, the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the cooperative and any rules and regulations adopted by the board of directors; and
  4. No member may hold more than one membership in the cooperative.

Section 2. Membership.

Membership in the cooperative shall be evidenced by purchase and payment for electric service from the cooperative.

Section 3. Joint Membership.

A husband and wife, family members, or any two or more persons or entities, may apply for joint membership and, subject to their compliance with the requirements set forth in Section 1 of this Article, may be accepted for such membership. The term "member" as used in these bylaws shall be deemed to include holding a joint membership, and any provisions relating to the rights and liabilities of membership shall apply equally with respect to the holders of a joint membership. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the effect of the hereinafter specified actions by or in respect of the holders of a joint membership shall be as follows:

  1. The presence at a meeting of either or both shall be regarded as the presence of one member and shall have the effect of revoking a proxy executed by either or both and of constituting a joint waiver of notice of the meeting;
  2. The vote of either separately, or both jointly, shall constitute one joint vote, but should both be present, but in disagreement on such vote, each shall cast only one-half (1/2) vote;
  3. A proxy executed by either, or both, shall constitute one joint proxy;
  4. A waiver of notice signed by either, or both, shall constitute a joint waiver;
  5. Notice to either shall constitute notice to both;
  6. Expulsion of either shall terminate the joint membership;
  7. Withdrawal of either shall terminate the joint membership;
  8. Either, but not both, may be elected or appointed as an officer or director; provided, that both meet the qualifications for such office.
  9. Upon the legal termination, separation or divorce of the holders of a joint membership, such membership shall continue to be held solely by the one who continues directly to occupy or use the premises covered by such membership in the same manner and to the same effect as though such membership had never been joint: PROVIDED, that the other joint owners shall not be released from any debts due the Cooperative incurred prior to delivery of notice of membership withdrawal by such joint owner, and that capital credits previously accrued to the joint membership shall be equally divided among the joint membership unless otherwise directed in writing by the former joint members.

Section 4. Conversion of Membership.

  1. A membership may be converted to a joint membership upon the written request of the holder thereof, and the agreement by such holder and his or her spouse to comply with the articles of incorporation, bylaws, and rules and regulations adopted by the board of directors.
  2. Upon the death of any joint member who is a party to the joint membership, such membership shall be held solely by the survivor. The estate of the deceased shall not be released from any debt due the cooperative.

Section 5. Service Connection Fees.

The board of directors may require a deposit or service connection fee for each connection, extension, or other available service, pursuant to reasonable rules, regulations, and policies adopted by the board of directors.

Section 6. Purchase of Electric Energy.

Each member shall, as soon as electric energy shall be available, purchase from the cooperative electric energy used on the premises specified in his/her application for membership, and shall pay, therefore, at rates which shall, from time to time, be fixed by the board of directors. It is expressly understood that amounts paid for electric energy in excess of the cost of service are furnished by members as capital, and each member shall be credited with the capital so furnished as provided in these bylaws. Each member shall pay to the cooperative such minimum amount regardless of the amount of electric energy consumed, as shall be fixed by the board of directors from time to time. Each member shall also pay all amounts owed by him/her to the cooperative as and when the same shall become due and payable.

If said member shall not make payments as and when the same may become due and payable, then the cooperative shall, based upon policies adopted by the board of directors, charge interest on said unpaid amounts to each member on members account which is not paid upon the date that it becomes due, said interest to be set from time to time by the board of directors in conformity with the laws of the state of North Dakota.

Former members of the Cooperative who apply for renewed membership shall pay any outstanding account, plus accrued interest thereon at the North Dakota legal rate of interest on judgments in effect when such account first became overdue.

Section 7. Termination of Membership.

  1. Any member may withdraw from membership upon compliance with such uniform terms and conditions as the board of directors may prescribe. The board of directors of the cooperative, may, by the affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of all the directors, expel any member who fails to comply with any of the provisions adopted by the board of directors, but only if such a member shall have been given written notice by the secretary of the cooperative that such failure makes him/her liable to expulsion and such failure shall have continued for at least ten days after such notice was given.
  2. Upon the withdrawal, death, cessation of existence, or expulsion of a member, the membership of such member shall, thereupon, terminate. Termination of membership in any manner shall not release a member or his/her estate from any debts due the cooperative.
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