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New Logo

Slope Electric Cooperative new logo designThe new Slope Electric Cooperative logo is a source of great pride for us. A team of employees and directors worked with our Statewide Association to develop this new look.

We believe this new logo captures the spirit and pride of Slope Electric Cooperative. The most striking features of this logo represent the defining geography of the area: the buttes that rise from the prairie to the sky, to be touched and warmed by the sun during the day, and comforted by the glow of the moon by night. The logo’s buttes portray the elegant and panoramic vista that those of us who work and live in this geography get to enjoy throughout the year. These visual elements are complimented by a sans serif typeface that is sloped slightly to portray the progressive nature of this electric cooperative and the geography in which we live. The blue and gray colors portray stability and pride.

Slope Electric Cooperative is more than lines and poles. Our cooperative relies on employees who make daily decisions, maintain the system and plan for the future. Slope Electric also relies on our board of directors to integrate feedback provided by the membership to guide the cooperative. Finally members are the backbone of the cooperative. Without the user at the end of the line, we wouldn’t be a cooperative dedicated to integrity, accountability, innovation and commitment to community.

Because our cooperative is all-encompassing, we needed a strong, clean logo that represents Slope Electric. After several committee meetings where department managers, employees and directors brainstormed for ideas, the overwhelming majority agreed Slope Electric should have a unique logo that clearly defines the depth and strong foundation of our cooperative. We chose this logo because we believe it represents our commitment to stability and credibility into the future.

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