Do you have questions about your daily usage? Are you curious what payment options are available to Slope Electric Cooperative members?

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Billing Information

Billing Due Dates

Payment is due roughly two weeks from the statement date printed on the bill. Delinquent amounts are subject to a 1.5% late payment fee. The account is subject to disconnect without further notice if payment has not been received prior to the date printed on the bill.

Budget Billing

Slope Electric Cooperative offers two budget billing options. To participate in Budget Billing, please call Brooke at 579-4191 or 800-559-4191 or she can be e-mailed at
  1. Fixed Budget Billing - A fixed budget is where a monthly budget amount is established when budget billing is set up for a customer. The customer pays the same monthly budget amount each month.
  2. Variable Budget Billing - A variable budget is where a monthly budget amount is established when budget billing is set up for a customer. Recalculation of the budget amount occurs every month based on usage or revenue history resulting in a different monthly budget amount each month.


Those members who have paid a deposit - this information will be of interest to you!

All members who have maintained an “A” credit rating for 12 consecutive months will have their deposit refunded to them by applying it to the electric bill. Interest will be calculated at 5% annually and will be applied annually to the December billing. Upon meeting the criteria, any accrued interest will also be applied along with the refunded deposit.

Deposits will also be returned to the member when the service is disconnected or transferred from the member's name and the total amount due to the cooperative has been paid.

New Member Information

If you are building new, or simply want to transfer an existing service into your name, please call our office at 1-800-559-4191 or 1-701-579-4191.

Welcome New Members!

You are now a member of Slope Electric Cooperative, a member-owned electric cooperative.

As a member of Slope Electric, you will soon receive your first copy of the North Dakota Living magazine, a statewide magazine produced for all electric cooperative members in North Dakota. Slope Electric uses the center section of this magazine to provide local cooperative information. Look for the pages marked Center Pages - Your Cooperative.

New members will automatically be set up to participate in Operation Round Up. 

Review the program

If you choose not to participate in Operation Round Up, please notify us.

Member Programs/Information:

Payment Assistance

We encourage all of our customers to make an effort to pay their bill promptly to maintain a good credit standing. We realize, however, that unexpected personal or economic conditions may create a problem that prevents you from paying your bill on time. If this should happen, please contact our office as soon as possible. We will discuss payment options with you and guide you in seeking financial assistance.