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Slope Electric Cooperative’s 79th annual meeting will be held Thursday, June 6, in New England. The upcoming 2024 annual meeting will feature the election of two board seats, specifically for directors representing Slope County. 

The bylaws of Slope Electric Cooperative state in Article IV, Section 4, directors can be nominated one of two ways:  

By Nominating Committee: The committee’s first meeting was held Jan. 16 to review procedures, responsibilities and qualifications for directorship. The second meeting will be held in Feb. 29 to nominate candidates and to approve resolutions.  

By filing a petition:  Members can also be nominated by filing a petition with 15 signatures. Filing must be done 60 days prior to the annual meeting on June 6 and posted at the office of Slope Electric. 

Please reach out to a current director, the nominating/resolution committee or the Slope Electric office with any questions.  

  • Brad Derschan; Lemmon, 701-928-0795 
  • Jaxson Fischer; Rhame, 701-440-1150 
  • Shelby Hewson; Amidon, 701-590-0868 
  • Randy Holden; Hettinger, 701-928-1670 
  • Lynn Homelvig; Amidon, 701-579-6385 
  • Lenny Kaufman; Regent, 701-290-5969 
  • Shannon Minerich; Marmarth, 218-929-1190 
  • Brad Steiner; Mott, 701-824-2108 
  • Gary Symanowski; Scranton, 701-523-2286